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The Medical Entrepreneur Application

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By Steven M. Hacker, MD

Use App During Private Practice

Use app to create budgets, reports, cash flow analysis, lease or buy scenarios, marketing for your practice.

Just a few examples of the functions of the free app...

Pro forma Budget

This report generates a working annual pro forma budget. This is helpful for you to determine what your annual net practice income will be based upon projected monthly income and projected monthly expenses. A line item for the most common expenses is generated to help guide you to consider all the expenses you should consider in determining your budget.

Cash Flow

This report takes into consideration your practice’s cash flow for the first six months. It extrapolates what your 18 month cash flow would be if level. It then reveals what line of credit you will need to keep you from a negative cash flow for the first eighteen months of your practice.
Lease or Buy

Lease or Buy

This report will help you decide whether to lease or purchase your next piece of equipment. The report will show you total cost of each scenario so you can see what makes most sense.

Download, Medical Entrepreneur App, its free in the Apple Store.

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The Medical Entrepreneur

The Medical Entrepreneur Application

Personalized Productivity Reports – Information First. Decisions Second.

By Steven M. Hacker, MD

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