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Medical Entrepreneur Business Development Consultation

Steven M. Hacker, MD

The Medical Entrepreneur 2 Day Onsite Business Development Consultation – $25,000

Includes a 2 day onsite visit (Friday & Saturday) to your business/practice by Dr. Steven Hacker, includes travel and expenses for Dr. Hacker, includes SWOT analysis and deliverables as outlined. Includes registration for two at an upcoming Medical Entrepreneur symposium.

50% down upon signing of consultation agreement – $12,500.
25% two days before Dr. Hacker makes site visit – $6,250.
25% at site visit – $6,250.

To reserve The Medical Entrepreneur/Dr. Hacker for your business development consultation, CLICK HERE to send E-Mail and start scheduling process.

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The Medical Entrepreneur

The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium

Helping Doctors become Entrepreneurs in Business and Practice Management

Course Director Steven M. Hacker, MD

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Click Here if you would like The Medical Entrepreneur to consult and perform S.W.O.T. analysis on your business/practice

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