Curriculum Vitae-2013
Steven M. Hacker, MD

Founder and President Advanced Dermatologic Care & Cancer Center 1994- present
Founder and President, The Medical Entrepreneur 2010- present
Co-Founder & Managing Member Aeronautics Leasing Companies:
Ktown Aeronautics, LLC, Avon Aviaion, LLC, Riverfront Aviation, LLC
Consultant & Principal Investigator- Medical Device Incubator company 2011-March 2012.
Consultant & Principal Investigator- Spectrophotoscopic company 2011- present
Principal Investigator – Various Ongoing Pharmaceutical Research 1994- Present.
Founder of Confirmatio, 2015.
Founder of StevenHacker, 2016.

Founder, CEO & CMO- 1997 (e-commerce company- acquired by now owned by Walgreens)
Founder & CEO -PassportMD, Inc. 2005 (health & wellness software- acquired by Mediconnect-now owned by Verisk Analytics)
Past- Founder & CEO- Mobile Path Services, Inc.-2003 (Telemedicine & Telepathology company)
Past- Co-Founder & CMO of Dermdex, Inc.(The leading b2b exchange & web based services for dermatologists/plastic surgeons/ sold in 2001 to Salu Inc.)
Past consultant- L’Oreal 2001.

Advisor to AAD Committee on Practice Management (SERVED 2012-2013)

Editorial Advisory Board, PhysBizTech- Jan 2012- present.
Editorial Advisory Board, NewDermMD- March 2012- present

Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology 10/94, recertified 2001

University of Florida & Shands Hospital, Dermatology Residency Program
University of Michigan Hospitals, Internal Medicine Residency Training (2 years)

M.D. University of Florida, Gainesville -
B.S., Interdisciplinary Basic Biological Medicine
University of Florida, Gainesville
Junior Honors Medical Program (1 of 12 selected from national pool of candidates)
University of Florida, Gainesville –

American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, March 2013
The Symposium 2012,2013
Cosmetic Boot Camp Aspen 2011
South Beach Aesthetic Symposium 2010
Harvard Medical School Dept of Continuing Education
Member PostGraduate Association – 2007
Harvard Medical School Dept of Continuing Education
Course, Laser & Aesthetic Skin Therapy- 2007

1. Voted “Best Doctors In South Florida” by Fellow Physicians, Miami Metro Magazine 10/98
2. LISTED on web as a Castle Connolly, “Best Doctors in America”, “Best Doctors in Florida” 2000, 2002,2003,2004,2005, 2006,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
3. “Best Doctors in South Florida”, Miami Metro Magazine 10/2000
4. One of twelve selected nationally to enter medical school early through prestigious Jr. Honors Medical Program at age of nineteen
5. Phi Beta Kappa

The Medical Entrepreneur Pearls, Pitfalls and Practical Business Advice for Doctors (Nano 2.0 Business Press 2010) A top selling book and Kindle (frequently in #1 or top Practice Management sector) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble in category of practice management.

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Phi Beta Kappa
American Academy of Dermatology, Fellow
Noah Worcester Derm Society
American College of Physicians, Associate - 1989-1991
American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
American Society of Mohs Surgery
American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Fellow
Florida Medical Association
Palm Beach County Medical Society
Palm Beach Derm Society
Florida Society of Dermatology

1. “The Physician Entrepreneur” American Academy of Dermatology Practice Management Course November 2012.
2. “What Physicians are Overlooking in their Practice?” Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers. March 2013.
3. Adding Revenue to the Practice-The Symposium 2012
4. Evaluating Technology Solutions in the Office-The Symposium 2012
5. Pick The Jockey, Not The Horse when starting a company- The Symposium 2012
6. Basics of Marketing Math- The Symposium 2012
7. Palm Beach County Medical Society –Guest Speaker- Future of Medicine Summit II Oct 2008
8. TEPR (Toward Electronic Patient Records) Annual Meeting Ft. Lauderdale, May 2008
9. Enterprise Development Corporation- Panel of Expert Guest Speakers- April 24, 2008
10. YPO Regional Meeting, Guest Speaker 2002 “Recognizing signs of Skin Cancer”
11. North Broward Hospital District - General Topics/Office Medicine
5/95 - to Family Physicians: Common Dermatological Disorders
2. University of Florida Dermatology Grand Rounds - March 1995
3. Florida Society of Dermatology - Breakers, West Palm Beach
6/94 - PXE: Update of Recognition and Management
4. Family Practice ‘94 - Orlando, Hilton
6/94 - a. HSV Infection
b. Cancers of the Skin: A clinical approach to diagnosis
5. Florida State Department of Corrections - Gainesville Hilton
11/93 - Cutaneous Disease in the Correctional Population
6. Florida State Massage Association
2/94 - Cutaneous Disease in the Massage Population
7. University of Florida, Medical School
2/92, 4/92, 11/92 - a. Cutaneous Manifestations Internal Disease
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