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Testimonials from 2013’s Winter Symposium Attendees

Don’t listen to us...
Listen to what past attendees liked most about 2013’s Winter Symposium...

“Meeting was wonderful!... Content was great, a lot of good information... very relevant to entrepreneurship whether medical or not... creative juices are flowing!” – Alexander Martin, Practice Manager Buffalo New York

“It was amazing and very inspirational... speakers presented material in appropriate format” – Vishall Patel, Medical Student

“The speakers were great, very informative (enjoyed meeting) very much!” – Adi Kol, VP Business Development Plastic Surgery office Boca Raton, FL

Testimonials from 2013’s Spring Symposium Attendees

Don’t listen to us...
Listen to what past attendees liked most about 2013’s Spring Symposium...

“Advanced practice topics and business of medicine information not routinely available – Exceptional Speakers” – Felicia Macik DO

“The cosmetic breakout session. Learning about the business of medicine and increasing cash revenue. The informational talks were fast paced and appropriately times. Excellent talk by Brian Foster on Collections & Best Practices” – Gregory Fryer, MD

“Business orientation approach to medicine” – Michael Tomeo, MD

“Thank you so much for holding his conference. It has given me the information I need to be a better office manager.” – Elfis Cottingham

“Great Conference! Timely & succinct” – Felicia Macik DO

“Fantastic seminar/symposium. This course should be a requirement for all new to practice physicians. Great basic business knowledge.” – Gregory Fryer, MD

Testimonials from 2012’s Spring Symposium Attendees

Don’t listen to us...
Listen to what past attendees liked most about 2012’s Spring Symposium...

“This meeting you have organized is fabulous and highly relevant to medical offices... (it will) help people all over the country and the world experience such a great faculty, the stories, etc.” Andrew Barbash, MD

“Good practical business information, Excellent speakers.” Richard Lynch MD

“Different topics relevant to being a business owner, law, marketing.” Jewel Bellon MD

“The lectures by Jeff Cohen and Jeremy Pound! Excellent lecture topics - gave me lots of things to think about when I go home.” Melissa Hartman DO

“Variety of topics, legal topics covered by lawyers, Insurance information, vendor exhibits... Enjoyed Dr. Brody’s talk on research and how it can add to practice...” Claudia Marcelo DO

“The quality of speakers, the marketing and management, We, doctor, need that kind of seminar.” Dr. Helene Vien

“The focus remained on business and business development... the topics were extremely interesting. Great Vendors!” Jeaneen Mullenhard, MSN, FNP-BC

“Great faculty, Relevant topics.”

“The timing of conference, days, length were very appropriate... This venue was great...” Melissa Hartman DO

“Breadth of topics... great location.” Alex Selioutski MD

“This was perfect-beachfront and great weather.”

“The marketing talks. I also liked that everything was on time... I liked warm weather so this is beautiful.” Jamie Singleton MD

“This conference was unique and well organized conference fulfilling a void in education for medical professional. The content was invaluable to business owners. I was impressed with the quality and expertise of the speakers. Thank you for offering this exceptional opportunity.” Jeaneen Mullenhard, MSN, FNP-BC

“Many great speakers.”

“The diversity of speakers and subject matter covered.”

“I’ve really enjoyed this conference. Having no business experience some of the sessions were over my head but I’ve learned a lot. I now know some things I can move forward with now and I know what I need to learn to prepare for the future. I’m seriously considering returning.” Jamie Singleton MD

“Venue was appropriate, beverages and food actually good! Appreciated Dr. Hacker keeping speakers ON TIME!” Claudia Marcelo DO

“Weekend was great so that it didnt take time away from work week.”

“Timeliness of lectures.” Pamela Snook, MD

“Variety of lectures on different subject matters.”

“...Enthusiastic group, great hotel and location, conference materials were excellent, location, length, timing were all great...” Animesh Bhatia DPM

“It focused on the business of healthcare.”

“The topics are very relevant to medical practice (day to day operations) and helpful to busy practicing physicians.”

“Practice avenues to increase revenue.”

“Content was excellent.”

“The speakers, breadth of topics.”

“Very practical advice and tips for young providers.”

“Thanks to Dr Hacker for his work in putting this program together.”

“As a resident, the topics on finances were important and informative as we are not taught that in school or residency.”

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