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Who Should Attend and Why

The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium
The Intended Audience for The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium:
• All Physicians, regardless of specialty, joining an existing practice.
• All Physicians, regardless of specialty, starting a new medical practice.
• All Resident physicians preparing to enter join or start a medical practice.
• Experienced clinicians that want to optimize efficiencies in private practice.
• All academic physicians interested in commercializing their research.
• Physician entrepreneurs.
• Physicians interested in raising capital for an entrepreneurial venture.
• Physician Extenders & Administrators.
• Non Physician healthcare executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, and attorneys.
• Biomedical entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors.

Why Attend The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium

The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium
• Unique intense symposium focused entirely on preparing physicians for private practice.
• Learn about laws and regulatory compliance issues required in private practice.
• Learn how to obtain hospital privileges and participation with Medicare and Managed care.
• Learn about the dangers and warning signs of contracts with employees, employers & vendors.
• Learn how to hire, fire, and payroll your employees.
• Learn how to bill and collect payments for your services.
• Learn how to evaluate, purchase and then implement electronic health records and other technologies in a medical practice.
• Learn how to design your medical office.
• Learn how to market yourself and your practice.
• Learn how to prepare for and manage day to day operations of a practice.
• Learn what insurance options you should consider to be adequately insured in both personal and business.
• Learn how and when to plan to preserve wealth and protect assets from creditors.
• Learn about additional implementing additional revenue opportunities to employ in your practice.
• Learn how to be a physician entrepreneur and create a business plan.
• Learn how to protect your idea and legally structure a new company.
• Learn how to create a management team, advisory board in an new entrepreneurial venture.
• Learn how to raise capital, understand a term sheet, and write a PPM.
• If selected, Present a business plan to a panel of experts and investors for critique and possible fund raising.

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The Medical Entrepreneur

The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium

Helping Doctors become Entrepreneurs in Business and Practice Management

Course Director Steven M. Hacker, MD

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